After a few hours, it finally works seamlessly.

I had this idea for several months since I randomly stumbled upon Github Pages. The first step was finding a Jekyll layout I liked. Thankfully, Dean Attali has done an amazing job with his repository beautiful jekyll. Very nice, easy to use and with a comprehensive readme, perfect to get started with Jekyll.

After that, the hosting : Github Pages automatically host a website from a specific repository, Pushing a local directory to Github is all that is needed.

The two lasts steps presented the most difficulties.

I wanted to use Vagrant to host locally the website on a virtual machine, in order to check my work without pushing to Github. I first tried to follow this blogpost by James Sturtevant but I was unable to serve the website because of several issues with Ruby gems. Finally, I used the Vagrantfile contained in the beautiful jekyll repository and spent some time editing the Gemfile and the Gemfile.lock and rebuilding the VM to make the syntax highlighting work.

Lastly, I like to use the literate programming package knitr in R and thought it would be great to automatically generate posts from Rmarkdown files. I found several methods on the Internet and had the most success with this one by David Robinson. It is a R file that compiles all .Rmd files into suitable .md files. It works perfectly and any .Rmd file can be transformed into a blogpost.