Installing Linux on a recent laptop

or how do I even boot ?

Last week, I had to install Linux on a brand new laptop. That wasn’t easy, but I learned a lot. The various Linux distro aren’t very stable on the last generation of laptops. That’s fair to say. There are several issues with Nvidia Optimus. On Windows, an Intel graphic chip... [Read More]

Dataviz weekly : week 13

Yesterday, I saw hrbrmstr’s post about a weekly visualization contest and thought it was a terrific idea. This week dataset is about drone reports in the USA. I first wanted to map the number of sighting per state residents but someone had already done a nice post... [Read More]

Setting up a blog

With Jekyll, Github, Vagrant and knitr

After a few hours, it finally works seamlessly. I had this idea for several months since I randomly stumbled upon Github Pages. The first step was finding a Jekyll layout I liked. Thankfully, Dean Attali has done an amazing job with his repository beautiful jekyll. Very nice, easy... [Read More]